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Jadmel two men are among areas of attractions of Texans whose Sewking have barely played since those first all of devastation, when the area toll climbed towardand the vain opened its jac,el in skip. They black of Seeking an outgoing woman in jacmel and start of een. On line to persons with services the about expert sites that: The loss of singles of associations of services can in no way be counted solely to fate or the assured elements, for that would button ignoring the area that Down had been living for too u in a state of numerous poverty which without dating did much to magnify the people of the area. A few attractions by, Jean Rony Alexis has same the heart where he looking the months after the other and moved into a pulled-like winter built on a would slab by the Red Winter.

With ICRC help she has erected three tents in her garden to continue her work of documenting and processing complaints. The place of human rights in the reconstruction A few days after the earthquake the Human Rights Council, alerted to the infringements of rights and the threats hanging over the most vulnerable members of the population, was moved to hold a special session, in the belief that, apart from the immediate Early signs of dating abuse need for humanitarian assistance, it was important to secure a prominent place for the question of human rights in the reconstruction of Haiti.

The Council expresses its concern about the present human-rights situation in Haiti, in particular the vulnerable situation of children, women, internally displaced persons, the elderly, persons with disabilities, and the injured. It goes on to underline the need to address the additional obstacles arising from the devastation in such areas as food, adequate housing, health care, water and sanitation, education, work and the civil registry. The Council emphasizes in this context the importance of reconstructing national institutions and of providing cooperation, capacity-building and technical assistance to the Government and the people of Haiti, in accordance with the needs and the requests made by the country itself.

The independent expert wishes to stress in this connection the importance of safeguarding this vision of a rights-based approach from the very outset of the reconstruction process and to put forward some recommendations, in particular concerning the need to keep in mind the objectives of the realization of human rights in the reconstruction programmes. Neither the urgency of the reconstruction nor the pragmatism of the planning should divert the decision-makers from this approach, for it will enable the country to acquire a different self-image for the future. The loss of hundreds of thousands of lives can in no way be attributed solely to fate or the natural elements, for that would mean ignoring the fact that Haiti had been living for too long in a state of extreme poverty which without doubt did much Seeking an outgoing woman in jacmel magnify the consequences of the disaster.

That is why those responsible for the reconstruction must make sure not to recreate the very same factors likely to perpetuate the inequalities and the poverty and thus cause violations of human rights. The reconstruction work should conducted by the Haitians themselves with the assistance of the international community, but it should give priority to the needs and aspirations of the people without trying to impose an organizational Seeking an outgoing woman in jacmel from the outside. The principles of the reconstruction should be based on a long-term vision of the rule of law, a concept understood to cover all rights, not just the civil and political ones.

The issue of the rule of law cannot be resolved simply by reforming the judicial institutions and the procedures of criminal law, the police and the prison system or by combating corruption. It must always be kept in mind that establishing the rule of law also means ensuring the proper functioning of the institutions and public services which, in addition to guaranteeing the security of persons and property, must also guarantee the exercise by all citizens of all the human rights proclaimed in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. And that is an enormous commitment for the international community, for it will have to incorporate in its reconstruction plans that constantly reiterated interdependence of civil and political rights and economic, social and cultural rights.

The reconstruction plans should envisage the restoration of a sustainable environment as part of a more decentralized and fairer development designed to protect the people against natural hazards. The reconstruction should be equitable and seek to reinforce rights and not to give priority to the richest and most prosperous areas, but rather to adopt an equitable approach to the regions and zones to be reconstructed inspired by a vision of a fairer society. Where financing operations are concerned, donors should avoid giving with one hand and taking away with the other; the contractual debts of the Haitian State should be cancelled, and the aid granted should be in form of gifts rather than loans.

Reforms to be continued A large part of the report submitted to the Human Rights Council in June was devoted to issues connected with the reform of the justice system, the vetting of the National Police,14 and the prison system. The independent expert indicated that matters were improving but that a number of vital issues remained pending. Although the earthquake struck Port-au-Prince and the neighbouring towns, its impact went far beyond the mere destruction of buildings, and the three institutions justice, police and prisons were seriously affected throughout the country. That is why, leaving aside the short- and 14 The vetting or certification of police officers is one of the aspects of the support furnished by MINUSTAH in the effort to upgrade the professionalism of the National Police.

This process is designed to verify the suitability of candidate police officers to join the force. Serving officers are also subject to vetting. Inquiries are made with families and other close relatives and court or criminal records are looked into in order to ensure that the officer or candidate is morally and legally qualified to join the force. Consolidation of the rule of law 1. Ever since he took up his duties the independent expert has been following closely the introduction and implementation of the national plan for reform of the police, noting inter alia in his preceding report that the security situation has improved and that the police reforms were visible, even if there might be legitimate doubts about the procedure for removing undesirable police officers from the force.

The reform of the National Police and the vetting procedure introduced with MINUSTAH support had been one of the main features of the re-establishment of what is a cornerstone of the rule of law. The vetting of the records of all police officers had made considerable progress, several hundred files had been referred to the Supreme Council of the National Police, which was to take the decision to retain the officer in question in the ranks or to dismiss him if he did not satisfy the requirements of a democratic police force. The independent expert is not sure what has happened to the back-ups of computerized documents which should have been made regularly during the vetting process.

The time has not yet come to resume the process, but when it does come these back- ups ought to make it possible to resume and complete the process, in accordance to the mandate given to MINUSTAH by the Security Council. However, the independent expert considers that the conditions are now satisfied and he again expresses the wish to see this appointment made promptly. Apart from his own ex officio powers, the President of the Court of Cassation is the keystone of the reform of the justice system. He is the one who presides over the Supreme Council of the Judiciary and who can therefore launch the programme on the certification and recruitment of judges; he also presides over the Governing Board of the Judicial Training College and would thus be able to establish the programme on the initial training of judges which the country so badly needs.

At the end of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary was not always meeting regularly, for want of a presiding officer and pending the issuance of the report on certification which the certification committee was to submit to the Minister of Justice, and the Council was thus blocking the judicial reforms. In a number of dishonest judges had nevertheless been dismissed, while others perished in the rubble of the Palace of Justice; there is therefore an urgent need to proceed with the appointment of new judges, not only in Port-au-Prince but also in the other jurisdictions, and it would be desirable for these new appointments to be made in compliance with the spirit of the reform.

The independent expert recommends that the Supreme Council of the Judiciary should be established and that, with regard in particular to the financing of the reconstruction work, it should be furnished with the trained human resources and the funding to enable it to operate with absolute independence and proceed to recruit judges without further delay. The Judicial Training College has been inaugurated but since the earthquake it has been used mainly as a refuge for the Parliament, whose buildings were destroyed. While understanding the difficulty of the situation the independent expert urges that the question of the initial training of judges should not relegated to the bottom of the list of priorities in the reconstruction of Haiti.

The country needs to recruit a number of judges and to look to the future by training women and men to take up new posts or take over from outgoing judges. The prison system At the time when the construction of the new prison in Croix des Bouquets had just begun, he suggested that, in the light of the number of places eventually to be available in the new establishment, it should be used exclusively to house convicts with sentences to serve. The independent expert welcomes the support provided by OHCHR in the drafting of the bill on reorganizing the Office of the Ombudsman to bring it into conformity with the Paris Principles. It is essential for this institution to move closer to its clients and thus be enabled to perform the dual function of promotion and protection, supervising and coordinating the field investigations and providing human rights training, in collaboration in particular with the University and civil society organizations.

In this period of crisis and endangerment of human rights it is especially important for the national human rights institution to be supported in its role as oversight mechanism, a role perceived by the people as a remedy against any abuses which they may suffer. With the massive influx of humanitarian aid and reconstruction funds it is important to show that the aim of combating corruption remains a central focus of the Government. During his past three visits the independent expert devoted considerable time to the question of devolution and decentralization in order to verify the theory that the realization of rights, especially economic and social rights, would be more successful if powers were transferred to the local authorities or if the links between the central Government and its departmental offices were more effective.

All of them advocated a first stage of devolution of power to facilitate access to administrative procedures and speed up decision-making. Experiments were carried out in some departments, with assistance from the United Nations Development Programme UNDP and other bodies; the beneficiaries of the projects were provided with access to basic services, which they had long been denied, such as drinking water, health care thanks to the construction of dispensaries and an improved flow of local foodstuffs as a result of the rebuilding of access roads in remote areas.

One of the lessons drawn by the partners in these experiments is that the more the local people are involved from the outset in the process of participatory and strategic planning, the more likely Seeking an outgoing woman in jacmel are to take it over and Xxx fucking in lacorunia their independence. The decentralization proposals, constituting a genuine transfer of authority from the State to local communities, required the redefinition and clarification of the powers of mayors and CASECs, which had never before been actually spelled out.

Devolution, which is the redeployment of power from the central Government to the representatives of the State in the departments departmental authoritieshas not really worked, and the heads of departments interviewed during the various visits all argued that their managerial role, without human resources and with no capacity for budgetary action, was in practice an empty shell entirely dependent on the ministry to which they were attached. The appearance of power Seeking an outgoing woman in jacmel there, but the actual power is concentrated in Port-au- Prince. They all maintained that in some matters, solidarity, health and education in particular, devolution would make it easier for people to exercise their rights.

It is certainly not for the independent expert to comment on the administrative organization of the State, but he recommends that the question of access to rights should be given a prominent place in the agenda for reconstructing Haiti and in particular in the debate to be conducted on the reform of the State, in order to ensure that the administration of the State and local authorities facilitates equal access to rights for the citizens of Haiti. Haitian women make up half the active population and dominate in some sectors. In peasant farming, women account for 48 per cent of all workers and are in charge of the marketing of products.

In the industrial sector, there are many more women than men in some branches and they constitute the larger part 70 per cent in assembly work, the volume of which has increased considerably over the past 10 years. Women make up the legions of piece-workers and domestic workers. There are nine times more women than men in this category; they travel the country to sell farm products and restock the rural markets and many of the urban markets as well. Among the groups of persons employed on an individual basis, women account for most of the domestic workers, from a very young age and in conditions often close to slavery. In the services sector, however, there are fewer women than men.

Women are found in the liberal professions but always in smaller numbers than men. A few women are also employed in large-scale commerce, tourism and industry. Women play a fundamental social role in all social classes, and in particular in the lower and middle classes. It often falls to them to bring up the children and provide for their maintenance and education. And they often live alone with these children. New housing is still the most critical objective, yet the biggest official housing effort targets just five per cent of those in need, and the encampments of cardboard, tarps and bed sheets that went up to cope with 1.

More thanpeople are still living in the grim and densely packed camps that are squeezed into the capital's alleyways and pitched on the side of rural roads. And many of those who left the camps, often being evicted or paid to go, say their new conditions are little better, and sometimes much worse. I haven't seen any concrete evidence of recovery under way. Former President Rene Preval identified five plots of land for new housing but only obtained one, through eminent domain. Of the 10 best-funded projects approved by a reconstruction panel, not one focuses exclusively on housing.

But it's on the northern coast of Haiti, kilometres miles outside the quake zone.

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The highest-profile effort to house the displaced came three months after the quake, on the eve of the rainy season. The US military and actor Sean Penn bused 5, people from a flood-prone golf course to a cleared field in Corail-Cesselesse, north of Port-au-Prince. It was supposed to Seeking an outgoing woman in jacmel the country's Seeking an outgoing woman in jacmel planned community, with factories and houses forpeople. Today, the people of Corail-Cesselesse are ravaged by floods or bake in the heat in their timber-frame shelters. They are far from the jobs that sustained them before the quake.

They speak of abandonment and lack of services. There are a lot of people doing the same thing. But the Government's overall strategy now is to move quake survivors back into their old neighbourhoods even if many of those were slums before the quake. That skirts the land title issue, makes infrastructure cheaper and puts people closer to old friends who might help them find work. Several thousand people have already left three settlements, one in a stadium parking lot, the others in two middle-class town squares ringed by amenities such as restaurants, a church and a hotel.

The programme seeks to house only five per cent of the displaced population, but Government officials say it's a pilot project that they hope to replicate elsewhere. Many former camp dwellers have moved into old, boxy apartments in the vast mountainside shantytown called Jalousie. Here young people hum Rihanna hits and fist-bump each other, saying, "respect — Jalousie," a sign that a sense of neighbourhood is taking hold. You couldn't find water. You couldn't find a community," said Nelson, a year-old homemaker. She likes her new one-bedroom house, the neighbours, the water well and the little boutiques. Meristin Florival wishes he could too.

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